Radishes at the Poulsbo Farmer's Market.

Bison in Snow

Bison in Snow Mud Volcano Area, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Can You Come Out and Play?

My dog (Siku, a standard poodle) waits patiently for me to come out and start a game of fetch.

Liberty Bay Sailboats

Shooting locally here for a bit Sailboats in the marina near my home last winter. Liberty Bay, Poulsbo, Washington · December 10, 2010

Fishing Bridge ... Or Not

How ironic that "Fishing Bridge" is closed to fishing Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Steller Sea Lions

Steller sea lions hanging out on a rocky outcrop in the Chiswell Islands near Seward, Alaska.


Santa Fe, New Mexico

Get Your Kicks ...

I drove a long stretch of Arizona's Historic Route 66 today. Lots of great scenes from the route, but I'll start with this homage to the great route itself. More to come soon Historic US 66, Seligman, Arizona October 6, 2011

66 Motel

Needles, California · October 6, 2011


Burma-Shave Yes, these signs are still out there. Wish they hadn't used the Arial font on the trademark notice, since that makes it a giveaway that the sign is a replica, but still it's a throwback Historic US 66, west of Seligman, Arizona October 6, 2011

Snow Cap Root Beer Stand

Historic Highway 66, Seligman, Arizona

Hackberry General Store

Hackberry, Arizona

Hackberry General Store Ahead

An abandoned (I think!) trailer advertises the way to the Hackberry General Store, just ahead. This store (yesterday's photo of the day) was about all there was to the "town" of Hackberry. Historic Highway 66, Hackberry, Arizona October 6, 2011

Oatman Hotel

Opened in 1902; still open today. Historic Highway 66, Oatman, Arizona October 6, 2011

I'll Fix It Or Die Trying

What happens when it takes too long to fix that car Historic Highway 66, Seligman, Arizona October 6, 2011

Girl and Burro

A curious girl reaches out to one of the wild burros that roam the streets in the preserved historic village of Oatman, Arizona. Historic Highway 66, Oatman, Arizona October 6, 2011

Sage Motel

Historic Highway 66, Needles, California

66 Clouds

Probably the end of this series from Highway 66 Just love big contrasty clouds. They're so hard to find in my part of the country! Historic Highway 66, west of Seligman, Arizona

Seattle Sunrise

Who says Seattle can't give you a dramatic cloudscape? Spotted on the morning commute a few weeks ago

Seattle Sunrise 2

I think I might like this even better than Monday's version. This is the Bremerton ferry passing West Seattle. Love the cloud rays coming through! Seattle, Washington October 18, 2011

Ferry Blues

Revisiting a capture from several years ago. Facing the Seattle skyline, aboard Washington state ferry near Bainbridge Island December 12, 2006

At Least the Bike Is Clean

A very clean bike rests against a not-so-clean wall. Katwijk, Holland · April 17, 2008


Santa Fe, New Mexico August 5, 2009

Be Awesome!

Hey, when somebody not only encourages you to be awesome, but tells you how to do it, go be awesome! Seen on the side of an abandoned water tank. Tonopah, Nevada December 4, 2011

Temple Reflection

The Salt Lake Temple as seen through the reflecting pool at night. Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah · December 3, 2011

Hazen Market

Hazen, Nevada · December 5, 2011

Snowy Landing

An early fall snowstorm greets us as we pull into the Kingston ferry terminal. Kingston, Washington September 29, 2009

Liberty Bay Fog

On a cold and calm winter morning recently, you could see the sailboats in the marina, but not the opposing shore. Liberty Bay, Poulsbo, Washington December 21, 2011

Bicycle Pharmacy

A creative use of a bicycle: advertising the pharmacy next door. Arrowtown, New Zealand

Posted House

Moxee, Washington

Fog Lifting

Fog often appears in the early morning hours at Deception Pass in western Washington State. I awoke early one morning to work with the fog and spent two wonderful hours with the fog. As the fog began to roll out, I captured this image of the west slope of Pass Island. The apparent calm in this image disguises the very turbulent waters of Deception Pass below. Deception Pass, south of Anacortes, Washington

Washington Farmer

Twisp, Washington

Ferry Sunrise

Bainbridge Island, Washington